【FELI 】Nut Butter Grinder ( Stainless steel )

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Sauce low temperature / Fast grinding / Cleaning easy / No supplies / Does not need to add oilIt can be used to grind peanut butter、sesame sauce、cashew nut sauce、almond sauce、walnut sauce、cocoa sauce and pumpkin seed sauce、miso sauce、 cereal flour。

1. Small volume, lightweight
2. Simple to operate, easy to dismantle and wash
3. Uses a low temperature grinding method, allowing sauces to keep their original and fresh taste
4. Uses high powered motor and current switch protection, with high torque for grinding
5. Uses  316  Stainless steel grinding, which allows quick heat dissipation
6. Can adjust the degree of fineness of the peanut butter sauce to thick, medium or thin
7. Uses the high speed screw intake method for the ingredients, allowing for high speed grinding

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